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100-150 KG/H Fully Automatic Textured Vegetable Protein Making Machine For Commercial


soya extruder production line


The overview of the textured vegetable protein making machine:

The processing line mostly take soya bean flour, peanut powder, grain gluten, isolated soya etc as ingredients. The textured soya protein production line is designed to make textured protein and fiber protein with the characteristic of high strength and high stability. The Styles of textured and fiber protein can be tube, chunk, flakes, circular grain, pillow grain etc.

why choose the textured vegetable protein making machine as the soya processing line?soya extruder production line

Nowadays, people’s life quality has largely improved. However, more and more people become too fat. One of the most important reasons is the animal fat intake to human body. Our company is dedicated to developing the technology based on the European and American technology, and has improved a lot in the international high-level technology and in fulfilling the demand of healthy diet.

The healthy benefits of the textured vegetable protein:

Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is a kind of soya protein which you can use instead of animal meat. It definitely is an ideal animal meat substitution for non-meat eaters, and also is able to be taken as a animal meat substitution for milled beef and various other dishes. In addition ,it is known as textured soy protein (TSP), it’s a quite flexible ingredient due to the fact the TSP can take in the taste of nearly anything you cook with it. It really is perfect to help cook all-vegetable versions of meatloaf, meat-soup and meatballs. So,the TVP is a nourishing, low-fat replacement for meat meals.

The feature of the textured vegetable protein making machine:

  • The output: 100-150 kg/h
  • The production line is equipped with the double screw food extruder.soya extruder production line
  • The main body material is stainless-steel, which make the line simple to be cleaned out.
  • The extruder screws material is 38CrMoAl, that is wear-resisting.
  • The production line needs only two employees to control.
  • Process: (ingredients)—mixing—conveying—extruding—conveying—drying— labeling
  • The temperature  and screw turning rate of the food extruder could be controlled precisely.
  • The double screw food extruder features the ability of self-cleaning functionality.

The equipment of the textured vegetable protein making machine:

  • Flour Mixer Machine
  • Spiral Elevator
  • Food Extruder Machine
  • Cooling Vibrationsoya extruder production line
  • Conveyor Machine
  • 5-layers Fuel Oven
  • 5 -meters Cooling Machine
  • 5-meters Cooling Conveyor

The support of the textured vegetable protein making machine:

  • The guarantee time is 1 year.
  • The support you will get is turn-key mode, consisting of setting up, debugging and help you training workers.
  • Provide quick-wear component and basic tool.
  • Provide you with the essential formula of ingredients.

The video of the textured vegetable protein making machine:

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