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Doritos Chips & Corn Tortilla Chips Machine — Create Various Shape

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Overview of Doritos Chips & Corn Tortilla Chips Machine:

  1. This kind of corn chips making machine is designed according to the Western advanced technology.
  2. Firstly,the raw materials are sent into the food extruder machine to be cooked at high temperature and high pressure in a short time.
  3. Then the extrudates will be patterned and be shaped by the pressing unit.
  4. As following,the semi-product will be deep-fried by the frying machine and flavored with various seasoning .
  5. Lastly,the products will be labeled for sale.
  6. The raw materials mainly include corn pwoder,edible oil,table salt,and water.
  7. Though the materials is mainly made of corn powder,but the color of the final products can be white,red or some others.
  8. The corn chips can be shaped into triangle or others.

Characteristic of Doritos Chips & Corn Tortilla Chips Machine:

  1. Raw Materials:Corn Powder
  2. Shapes of products: Doritos,round,triangle and so on.The dimension of product will be decided by your need.
  3. Output Capacity:120-150 KG/h, 200-250KG/H
  4. Voltage: 380V / 50HZ,220V / 50HZ,or custom as your need
  5. Machine Materials: The main body is made from the 304 stainless steel.
  6. Process Flow: Mixing-Extrusion Cooking – Shaping – Separating – Frying – Flavoring -Labeling


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