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You Should Know the Six Things When Working On the Extrusion Troubleshooting

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Prior to working on a certain extrusion trouble, the troubleshooter ought to take care of certain concerns. It is essential to detect a building extruder trouble speedily and precisely to reduce recovery time or off-quality products.Excellent instrumentation and a reliable comprehending of the extrusion technique are crucial demands for successful trouble shooting. Instrumentation is critical in procedure manage, yet totally necessary in trouble shooting. 

Not having excellent instrumentation, extrusion troubleshooting is usually a speculating adventure at best, although the troubleshooter completely comprehends the whole process. Therefore, deficiency of instrumentation may be extremely expensive if it leads to a certain issue to stay unresolved for even a finite length of time.

Critical prerequisites to an successful problem solving process are:

  1. Excellent instrumentation
  2. Completely comprehends of the extrusion system
  3. Collection and study of historical records
  4. Team building
  5. Great data about the state of the machines
  6. Great data concerning the ingredient.

If you want to get details about these six areas, please contact us by email below.At the same time, our company focused on the development of new food extruder machinery, and has an advanced technical team to service you in your location and supply timely service.


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