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2D&3D Snack Pellet Machinery – Countless Shapes Can Be Created



3D Snack Pellets Processing Line With Batch Fryer


2D&3D Snack Pellets Food

Overview of 2D&3D Snack pellet machinery:

  1. Starchy ingredients (generally the grain materials) and water are fed into a mixer machine according to the recipe.
  2. The prepared mixtures are then transferred continuously and uniformly into extruder machine in which they are cooked , formed and sliced into homogeneous and top-quality snack pellets.
  3. Countless shapes of snack pellets can be created through adjusting the die at the end of the extruder machine,for example,star shape, round and various 2D& 3D snack pellets.
  4. Extruded and wet snack pellets are then sent to a dryer unit where the snack pellets are properly dried out.

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Specification of 2D&3D snack pellets machinery:

  1. Flexibility: Be able to take any starch ingredient as raw materials.
  2. Precise control system ensures the same shape in snack pellet production.
  3. Swiftly start up and turn off the whole production line to reduce the wastes.
  4. Programmed functions including recipes creating, temperature control system for segment of the extruder machine.
  5. Versatility to productivity,from 250 to 350 kg/h.
  6. Easy to clear up and maintenance.


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Construction of 2D&3D snack pellets machinery:

  1. Powder Mixer Machine
  2. Screw Conveyor
  3. Food Extruder Machine
  4. Pattern Presser
  5. Shaping Machine
  6. Mid-elevator
  7. T-conveyor
  8. 5-layer Fuel Oven
  9. Continues Frying Unit
  10. De-oil Line
  11. Flavoring Line

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Parameters of 2D&3D snack pellet machinery:

  1. Installed Powder:131 KW
  2. Power consumption: 98 KW
  3. Output Capacity: 250-350 KG/H
  4. Size: 40300*5000*3500 mm

snack pellets 69854782

Video of 2D&3D snack pellet machinery:









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    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
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    Dear sir/madam
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