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Automatic Granule Packing Machine

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automatic granule packing machine


The automatic granule packing machine is used in packing small pellets that have high demand on weighing accuracy. The automatic granule packing machine is widely used in food, medicine and chemical industry. Usually the small pellets are crispy such as Puffed food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, pistachios, peanuts, beans, apple slices, dumplings, rice balls, medicine and so on.


1. PLC computer control system with touch screen for convenience of operation and direct-viewing.
2. Servo film transporting system ensures precise positioning and nice packing.
3. Automatic alarm protection system to minimize the loss.
4. Automatic measuring, feeding, bagging, date printing.
5. Pillow type or standing bag type optional for customers.


The automatic granule packing machine is composed of the SV-398A packing machine, the ten heads linear weigher, the material life, the finished products conveyor, and the supporting platform. The raw material flows into the hopper on the ground, then the material lifter will convey the raw material to the ten heads linear weigher, the raw material goes to the packing machine and then conveyed out by the finished products conveyor.

Equipment Level:

The automatic granule packing machine is part of granule material making production line. It function as the last step of production line. It pack extruded or puffed food into packs to make them ready to be sold.




     Packing speed

25-100 bag/min

     Bag size

(L)50-300-400mm (W)60-200mm

     Bag making mode

Pillow-type bag, standing bag, punch

     Range of measuring


The maximum width of packing film


     Thickness of film

     Air consumption

200L/min 0.7×105Pa

     Main power/voltage

2.2KW/220V 50-60Hz



     The weight of switchboard


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Assembly of automatic granule packing machine

Warehouse of Automatic Granule Packing Machine


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