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Compound Shaping Machine

compound shaping machine

Compound Shaping Machine


Compound shaping machine consists of bugle shaping machine and 3d snacks pellet shaping machine. Bugle shaping machine is usually to make bugle shape snacks food. 3D snacks pellet shaping machine will used together with 3D pattern machine to make 3D snacks pellet.


1. The speed of compound shaping machine can be adjusted by inverter.
2. Made of full stainless steel, SS201 or SS304 optional according to customer demand.
3. Portable design to make it easy for production line design.


The compound shaping machine is composed of the shaping roller part, motor and the machine body.

Equipment Level

Multi-functional shaping machine is always used together with the core filling machine and extruder to make sticks shapes of core filled snacks. After changing the referent shaping roller, it is also can be used to make other shape of snacks.


Drive power: 0.4 kw
Production capacity: 200 ~ 250kg / h
Roller diameter: 120mm
Speed mode: Frequency

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