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Cooler Separator



Cooler Separator

Introduction on Cooler Separator:

The cooler separator is used to cool and separate the material at the same time. It is equipped with fan on both sides.  The cooler separator is a part of the snacks production line.

Features of  Cooler Separator:

1.Contacting part of cooler separator is made of SS304 or SS201, according to customer demand
2.Motor of cooler separator is famous chinese brand or can be equipped as per demand.

Construction of  Cooler Separator:

The cooler separator is composed of stand frame, three layers of sieve, vibration motor, and control panel.  There are three layers of sieve on the cooper separator to separate material such as bread crumb into three different sizes, big, medium, and small.

Equipment Level of Cooler Separator:

The cooler separator connect the bread crumb pulverizer and the oven. It is an indispensable part in the bread crumb production line.


Drive power: 0.55 kw
Production capacity: in accord with the host
Dimensions: 1780 × 770 × 1280 mm



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