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Corn Flakes line shipped to Africa

After 40 working days, the 300-400 kg corn flakes line to Africa has been manufactured. We completed the loading of five 40-foot containers in three days.
The production process of corn flakes is: flour Mixer-cooling-flaking-dryer-hot air roasting-flavoring-drying-cooling conveying. Besides making corn flakes, this line can also be used to make breakfast cereals. Take corn powder/grits, wheat flour, oat, buckwheat as raw material, mixed with vitamin and other mineral substance, customers can also add cocoa, sugar to the flour mixer. Meanwhile water should be supplied evenly. Then going through the extruder for cook curing, pelleting ,pressing, toasting, coating etc, customer can get tasty breakfast cereals and crispy corn flakes. It can be used to produce corn flakes, ring and star shape breakfast cereal, and other shapes of breakfast cereal. More details please contact [email protected]


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