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Dog Treat Making Machine — Can Create Dog Bone & Stick

Pet Treats Process Line 854712

Overview of the pet treat processing line:

This line can take cereal,vegetable,or even meat,fish flour or fresh meat as raw materials to produce various pet food with different texture,shape,flavors,such as dry dog food,floating fish feed,various pet treat.

Process flow of pet treat processing line:

  • Raw materials are firstly blended sufficiently in the vertical mixer machine and then fed into the extruder machine to be cooked to achieve the best starch gelatinization by shearing,temperature and pressure control,moisture and residence time.
  • After the processes of cooling,cutting,drying,flavoring and packaging,the pet treat can be for sales.

The service we can provide:

  • We provide a turn-key support,including sending the engineers abroad to install and debug processing line,training the employees,timely updates and maintenance.
  • We can offer many extra spare parts in case of need.
  • We can offer the best foodstuff recipe based on your local condition.

The construction of the pet treat processing line:

  • Powder mixing machine
  • Pet food extruder machine
  • Cooling conveyor
  • Cutting machine
  • Drying machine

The video of pet treat processing line:

workshop of food extruder machinepackaging of food extruder process line 65983254

There are more technical details needed to be discussed ,please contact us or visit the website: Pet treat processing line 

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