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Double Tank Sugar Coating System



Double tank sugar coating system

Double Tank Sugar Coating System


Double tank sugar coating system: This machine is combined by conveyor, sugar syrup tank, and double roller. It is used to spray sugar on the surface of the food, and then spray powder flavors on the food. The syrup coating tank is equipped with temperature keeping system. It will avoid the syrup solidification during coating. This machine is suitable for high capacity, such as capacity more than 300kg per hour.


Total power: 17.1 kw
Roller drive power: 1.5 kw
Dusting driving power: 0.75 kw
Stirring drive power: 1.1 kw
Single screw pump power: 0.75 kw
Sugar spray heating power: 4 kw
Drum heating power :: 9 kw
Dimensions: 5000 × 3000 × 2300mm

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  1. Evaristo Burgueño Márquez Feb 23, 2023 at 20:05:51


    I´m looking for a whole coating system for jelly candies, to coat with sugar.
    Please send me full information.
    Awaiting or your news;



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