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Dry Fish Feed Extruder Machine Series — HWO


fish feed making machine


Overview to Dry Fish Feed Extruder Machine:
Dry fish feed extruder machine is broadly applied for processing a range of ingredients into high quality fish feed foodstuff for various fishes. The finish foodstuffs have special appearance and great flavor, high nutrition and steady structure. For feed foodstuff of fish , the floating time in the water is usually modified by changing the setting of food extruder machine. This dry fish feed extruder machine is a great for tiny and moderate fish farm owners or fish feed manufacturing plant.

Benefits of Dry Fish Feed extruder machine:pet food

  1.  This fish feed extruder machine is broadly applied for manufacturing floating pellets of all types of aquatic creature.
  2.  Sophisticated engineering technology and humanized operation guarantees simple functioning and well performance.
  3. High productivity, minimal energy consumption
  4. Screw drum of dry fish feed extruder machine adopts shell concept framework, which ensures prolonged service life.
  5. Various die can be picked to produce pellets with different dimension and styles.
  6. Fish feed pellets diameter range from 0.8 mm to 16 mm.

Standard ingredients for Producing Nutrient Fish Feed Foodstuff:

  • Rice Shell: consist of around 9-15% of required protein and also include vitamin B2, B1, B6 and small amount of enzyme.
  • Mustard Hunk: Blend nearly 45% of cake in the fish feed foodstuff. But don’t consume dry cake beyond 20%. Mustard Hunk includes almost 30% required protein. Additionally, it include a high rate of fat.
  • Grain Shell: consist of fiber, deal with various kinds of fish illnesses.
  • Corn: include required protein, carbs, fat, vit A and E.
  • Cotton Seeds: include around 50% required protein. It’s really a far better raw materials for a second set of fish feed.floating dry fish feed plant
  • Seafood Flour: easily digestible to fish. The foodstuff include around 50-65% protein.
  • Bone Flour: very vital for forming fish-bone. The percentage of magnesium and calcium in the bone flour is 1 : 2.
  1. Our fish feed extruder machine is of twin-screw screw style.
  2. We offer specialized recipe for producing dry floating fish feed after placing order.
  3. We provide extra easy wear pieces for totally free such as a couple of drum, a single slicing blade and several extrusion dies.

Technical Characteristics of Dry Fish Feed Machine:

  1. This fish feed extruder machine feature the auto-managing rate feeding design to manufacture the feed foodstuff consistently.
  2. The drying unit can enhance the feed expansion degree and pellets floating duration.
  3. High temperature and high pressure food cooking process can destroy the salmonellosis and bacterial contamination and also helps to make the feed easily to be absorbed.
  4. The slicing blade features the adjustable rotating speed in order to achieve the desired feed size.
  5. The floating duration can be controlled by adjusting the expansion degree .
  6. Full automatictemperature manage system ensure the heat controlling more straight observing and the feed quality more premium.

Operating Rule of Dry Fish Feed Extruder Machine:
It is not necessary to extra heat outside the extruder, via the food extrusion cooking process of the ingredients , high temperature is created and obtained in the turning process in the closed environment, and in the course of the large heat ripening process, the starch and fiber of the ingredients become expanded. Then within the high pressure condition, cooking ingredients will be compressed into pellets by forming die. By the end, via the high stress created by the standard rotating of extruder screw, after being slice by the adjustable slicer which turns regularly and high-speedily, the final feed will be formed and turn into small even pellets in correct temperature and pressure condition.

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