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Fish Food Extruder Machine For Commercial Purpose — Can Make Dry Pet Food

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Why choose this kind of fish feed extruder machine as your business?

  • Firstly,this kind of fish feed extruder machine can produce the floating fish feed and sinking fish feed.Furthermore,it can manufacturing various pet food,such as dry dog food and cat food.
  • Secondly,screw extruder machine,as the key part of fish feed extruder machine ,is mature technically,so if you want to start a low-risk fish feed business with less money,this machine will be your best choice.
  • Lastly,the raw materials would be cooked totally in the extruder machine so that the final fish feed will be easy to digest,that ensures fish growing rapidly.

Some tips of fish feed extruder machine:

  • The screw extruder machine,as the key part of the fish feed manufacturing process, is obviously not enough to hold up your fish feed business,the complete fish feed processing line should be considered.
  • We provide several standard fish feed processing lines to satisfy most clients’ demand,but we also can custom the processing line as your wish
  • As we all know,the recipes of the fish feed is very important for manufacturers,so we can offer the customized recipes based on your local condition.

Why choose HIWANT as your business partner?

  • Firstly,we have lots of experiences in design of fish feed processing line ,if you want to learn more technical details,please contact us by email with no hesitation.
  • Secondly,you will get a turn-key support from us.We will sent our engineers to install and debug the fish feed processing line  in your location,timely update your equipment, provide lots of extra spare parts,help training your employees.
  • Lastly,we have been absorbed in offering the best products and most high-quality service to our clients all the time,that helps us to obtain the approval and praise of most clients.

Manufacturing process flow of fish feed processing line:

  • The raw materials are blended in the vertical mixer container and then fed into the screw extruder machine to be prepared at high temperature and high pressure in a  short time.The cooked materials expand when leaving the extruder due to the pressure difference between interior and exterior of the extruder.The extrudates will be shaped by the dies and sliced by the cutting machine into a specific length.After the processes of the cooling ,drying,flavoring and packaging.The final fish feed can be for sales.
  • The expansion degree of the fish feed pellets can be changed by adjusting the parameters of the extruder based on the desired floating time in the water.The shapes of the final fish feed can be varied by changing the extruder dies,such as the triangle,round,heart,etc.

Construction of fish feed processing line:

  • Powder Mixer Machine
  • Fish Feed Extruder Machine
  • Air Conveyor
  • Drying Machine
  • Transmission Units
  • Flavoring Line

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The video of the fish feed processing line:

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