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Food Extrusion Cooking Process — Drying System

Drying Machine 98547

Drying Unit:

Small-scale Layout, High Productivity and Speedy Response

Mainly machine parameters:

The choice of a proper drying unit for extrusion foodstuff is dependant on the next variables –

  • Foodstuffs variety – The layout of drying unit is determined by the foodstuff to be processed. In this factor there are two primary types of foodstuffs, one of which requires a various kind of process – Pellet foodstuffs (for example, nearly all types of snacks, cereals and so on.) and length foodstuffs (for example, long co-extrusion foodstuff). At HIWANT, the pellet foodstuff is mainly processed in drums. It can be at times processed on wire mesh belt transport, on which there exists a limitation with regards to the dimension of the foodstuff items, that should obviously be big enough to prevent being caught by the wire mesh belt. The length foodstuffs are primarily processed on wire mesh belt transport.
  • Foodstuff density – For the pellet foodstuff, the dimenssion of the process unit is determined by the pellet density of the foodstuff and the minimum dwelling time expected in the unit for the required wetness reduction.
  • Source of heat – Hiwant usually use electrical power, infra-red heaters as the most typical heat source in the drying unit. It is a tidy and powerful unit that is also well suited for achieving other effects like baking. For a few regular applications having restricted demand with regards to the drying profile, sizzling air solution can be used, but these need to always be combined with an appropriate heat recovery unit to retain an reasonable power efficiency level for the complete system. Some other heat sources can be available for special tasks where application of electricity for the creation of infra-red radiation could possibly be unviable.

Functional principles:

  • Drum unit – The drum is placed with bearing of rotation virtually horizontal. There exists a small slope of the drum to enable the movement of the foodstuffs across the drum. The drum wall features a set of angular metal to result in a mild but positive turning of the foodstuff bulk while in the rotation of the drum to be able to bring on consistent exposure of all foodstuff appearance to the heat source above. The heated level of the foodstuffs in the drum can easily be changed with the assistance of the rate of rotation of the drum, that is adjustable across the whole range. The heating source is generally a group of infra-red heaters, installed on a standard hood suspended from a leg in the drum in this method, which the radiation is aimed to the zone of utmost foodstuff concentration.
  • Belt unit – It must be single layer for length foodstuff. For pellet foodstuffs they normally are multi-layer layout. When processing pellet foodstuff, they consist of required add-ons for feeding, degree manage, release and so on.
  • Sizzling air unit – Sizzling air is created outside the body by firing appropriate fuel in a heat exchanger. The vapor filled air, leaving after drying out the foodstuff, undergone an appropriate heat recovery unit for removing the vapor as condensate, prior to the identical heated air is reheated and recirculated into the drying machine.



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    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
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