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Food Extrusion Cooking Process — Flavoring System

double roller flavoring machine



Flavoring Unit:Choosing the proper system

Which foodstuff can be flavoured?

The machine which is designed to process the foodstuffs in the course of spraying process need to match up with the foodstuff properties. For main extrusion foodstuffs – that are of tiny to medium dimension and placed randomly – HIWANT suggests the selection of horizontal drums a bit inclined to the exit finish. Drums are specially ideal for tiny foodstuff, that are possibly hard to process on transport systems, particularly those using wire mesh belts. Hiwant Flavoring Unit deliver the following benefits:

  • The unique structure of the flavoring unit enable a slight yet normal rotation with the foodstuff bulk, guaranteeing consistent distribution of the flavoring ingredients whilst minimizing foodstuffs destruction.
  • The stainless steel body and easy access to the interior of the flavoring unit makes it possible for easy washing with hot water. It assists to ensure a clean working surroundings.
  • The adjustable drum speed allows a great deal of flavor application needs for numerous foodstuffs in the same production line.

So how is the flavoring ingredients well prepared?

A homogenous and constant flavouring uniformity is extremely important for providing a great foodstuff quality. The flavouring ingredients is typically supplied as a liquid medium, with respect to the foodstuff properties. Compared with fat-based seasoning, water-based seasoning need one or more drying out action following the flavor process has been carried out. Seasoning is provided by blending together the liquid medium and the seasoning ingredients in line with the formula. To guarantee a reliable flavouring uniformity,the special machine for heating and sufficient blending needs to be supplied in the preparation process.

How are seasoning ingredients added to the foodstuffs?

The application of the seasoning ingredients should be consistent and reliable in the course of the flavoring process . HIWANT adopts unique showering nozzles to perfectly deliver the liquid seasoning mass onto the maximum foodstuff exterior.





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    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
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