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Food Extruder Processing Line — Transport System

breakfast cereal making machine


Ingredients Processing Device — Transferring, carrying and connecting gaps

The devices is developed to carrying the foodstuffs from one processing system to another in the food extruder production line should be capable of meeting the next requirements:

  • Powerful, large quantity transporting with no harm to the foodstuffs
  • Upkeep of optimum requirements of cleanliness
  • Maximum versatile

In order to carry the grain ingredients into the food extruder machine, HIWANT adopts unique versatile screw conveyor. It is uniquely developed conveyor which features an external food-grade plastic material tube and a versatile metal spiral interior. The device is usually designed to compensate the specific gap between the 2 system getting bridged. The metal screw spiral is straight joined with the powerplant shaft and turned at high rate.

For extrusion foodstuffs, HIWANT commonly adopts a air-driven transporter that takes the semi-foodstuffs to the following handling device, placed precisely at the food extruder machine exit.The air-driven transporter features a blowing apparatus . The foodstuff at this point remains versatile enough never to be harmed when transported by means of air-driven transporter.

The benefits of air-driven transporter:

  • Affordable device expenses
  • Without any upkeep needed
  • Versatile layout and settings
  • Incredibly effortless to keep a high level of cleanliness

Foodstuffs, like co-extrusion, core-filled foodstuffs, tend to be weightier and call for a kind of smooth processing that can’t be supplied by air-driven transporter. This kind of foodstuff is transported from one system to another with a special inclined belt transport.

Inclined and smooth belt transporter are also designed to link gaps between two functional system that can’t be moved by the air-driven transporter.


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    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
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