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Forming,Drying and Flavoring of Food Extrusion Machine

form dry cooling extrusion machine

Based on the aim for that they are to be utilized, extrusion snack food has to be appropriately shaped. The melt bulk departing the food extrusion machine will take close to the form of the food extrusion machine die; simultaneously,a length-ways design– an suitable setting of the rate of a rotary blade cutter machine set up outside the food extrusion machine die, handles the production size. This makes it possible for the product of various forms of extrusion snack food such as balls, rings, stars, characters of the ABC, etc.
The following period of manufacturing is drying out of the extrusion food to a wetness content of between six percent and eight percent and following cooling. Drying out is usually executed with straightforward rotating drums with electric powered heating devices installed or with a petrol-powered heating device set up,operating at temperature just over 100 degree. In bigger installation belt drying machine are utilized,heated by gasoline fired temperature exchange or steam, in which the air is moving through the device. Cooling down happens at the normal temperature of 15 to 20 degree, in which the air moves through the punctured belt of the dry machine–cooling down device.
Frequently in drum dry machine the taste and nutritional-coat action is incorporated.The choice of sprinklers and taste additives is various: from smoke-cured meat taste to goober pea milk smell. Primary extrusion food snacks within an ice sugar coat are quite well-known. For tiny-size product, it is enough to run a fall coat device.Business product of this kind of grain production demands the utilization of an extra high-functionality rotating drum dry machine or punctured belt dry machine,to ensure that the program of the coat could be a continual practice whilst keeping a fixed production with high quality. Some popular cases of the productions in issue are sprayed grain balls, rings or covers, provided by numerous breakfast cereals makers.

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