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Knurling Machine

knurling machine

Knurling Machine

Introduction of Knurl Machine:

Knurling machine is also called as pattern machine. It is used to make the patter or holes on the surface of the extruded sheet.

Features of Knurl Machine:

1. Contacting part full stainless steel. Renowned electrical components.
2. Very small size and portable.
3. Compact structure, stable performance, energy saving, to ensure that products and equipment not mucosa, continuous, rapid production basis.
4. The speed of knurling machine can be adjusted by inverter.

Construction of Knurl Machine:

The knurling machine is composed of knurling roller and machine body. Simple structure to make sure easy operation.

Equipment Level of Knurl Machine:

This knurl machine is always used together with the extruder and 3D compound shaping machine to make the 3D snacks pellet.

Specifications of Knurl Machine:

Drive power: 3 kw
Production capacity: with the host
Dimensions: 1400 × 800 × 1400mm


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