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Macaroni Shape Pellet Snack

Snack pellet in tube shape
Snack pellet in tube shape

In the following is dialogue between customer and our sales regarding 250kg per hour macaroni shape pellet snack /Snack pellet in tube shape:

Customer:I want this dough to be extruded through your machine and fryied and flavour mixed.

Sales: Dough can not be fed into extruder, It should be wet flour that filled into extruder.

Customer:What will happen if we put the dough? but without heating the barrel.

Sales: The dough will be difficult to be fed into extruder 

Customer:if we dont heat the barrel? and under room temperature if we extrude we can make the shape correct?

Saels:Can make the shape, but it will be uncooked. Please note the raw material can not adopt dough, can only be flour mixed with water and ingredients. 

Customer:Lets try this product please. i will buy the fryer, and rest of the line from you. if my trials worked out.i want this project to be very confidential

Customer:Ur fryer is with Heat exchange or direct tube in the fryer?

Sales:for fryer, If it is direct combustion, there is a combustion chamber under the fryer, and the burner can be directly installed. If it is not directly connected, it needs to be equipped with a boiler,and the burner is installed on the boiler.

Customer: What is this fryer capacity?

Sales: 7.5 meter continuous fryer

Customer: Ok how many kg per hr frying capacity? What is the heating media? Gas or Diesel?

Sales:Heating media can be designed according to your requirement.

Customer: what will be the moisture from your extruder before it fryer?

Sales: Around 30% moisture

Customer: For example 400kg of tortillawith 1.5mm to 2mm thickness after frying, how many kg of fried tortilla We can get?

Sales: If you fry 400kg, you will get 300kg, don’t forgot the product oil content will be 30%.


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