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The Newest Pet Food Extrusion Machine — Dog,Cat or Other Canine Animals



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Overview of pet food extrusion machine:

  1. This pet extruder machine can create pet food for dog,cat and other canine animals.
  2. In the food extruder machine, the raw materials are cooked at high temperature and high pressure in a short time.
  3. Then,the extrudates will be shaped by the die at the end of the extruder and sliced by the cutting unit at the side of the extruder die.

Specification of pet food extrusion machine:

  1. Raw materials:fish powder,rice powder,bone powder,fresh meat,chicken powder,edible oil,oat fiber and so on.
  2. Finish Products:Can create numerous types of pet food with different shapes and tastes by adjusting the dies.
  3. Output Capacity:100-150 KG/H ,200-240 KG/H, 400-500 KG/H,1-3 Ton/H
  4. Process Flow: Mixing- Extrusion Cooking – Drying – Flavoring – Cooling – Labeling
  5. Voltage : 380 V / 50 HZ ,220 V / 50 HZ, or custom as your need.
  6. Materials of Machine: The main body are made up of stainless steel

Characteristic of pet food extrusion machine:

  1. The Twin-Screw System features the self-cleaning functionality,the twin-screw is made from alloy steel (38CrMoAL) and the high-quality craft is created through the nitriding process.Their HRC hardness is about 60-65.
  2. The extruder barrel is created from carbon steel,which is made of #45 steel.
  3. The electronic parts of control system is provided by SIEMENS,which will ensure the machine excellent performance
  4. The Motor System is also provided by the SIEMENS
  5. The types of the drying machine are electricity,gas,diesel oil or steam.


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Video of pet food extrusion machine:

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  1. Navnath Suresh Katkar Jan 06, 2024 at 12:21:37

    Need 2d& 3d snack products machine which is capacity 250-300 kg

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    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
    Kindly get in touch.
    I am from INDIA

  3. Manish Seth Aug 09, 2023 at 03:30:50

    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
    Kindly get in touch.

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    Dear sir/madam
    Could you please provide me with the recipe of the 2D snack pellets like bugles?

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    Does your bread crumb machine do caramel?

  6. Rahul Mulgund Jun 13, 2023 at 18:13:02

    we are interested in Pet Food Extruder Machine With Twin-Screw and also with Metal Detector — For Making Dog Food, Cat Food or Fish Feed. Kindly send us the quote


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