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Pet Food Extruder Processing Line — The Best Choice Of Making Pet Food





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As we know,Compared with the traditional pet food machinery ,the twin screw extruder production line feature the following properties:

  1. The line can work 24/7 automatically with less operators due to the premium water-circulation cooling system.
  2. The finish foodstuff is digestible and with less germs due to the extrusion cooking process with high temperature and high press.
  3. The less moisture component of dry pet food make it preserved easily.
  4. The extrusion cooking technology make the line can process much more sorts of ingredients into the finish pet food.
  5. The cost of the production line is expensive but the return of investing the line is relatively higher.

The construction of the pet food extruder production line:

  1. The mixer unit ensure the various ingredients are blended sufficiently.This operation is very important to make the superior final foodstuffs.
  2. The spiral screw conveyor ensure the grain ingredients can be transported into the extruder evenly with no harm to the materials.
  3. The twin screw extruder delivers, blends, kneads, cooks, forms multi-grain ingredients into consistent foodstuffs by pushing the cooked ingredients through designed die to make customized styles and sizes.It can process the grain ingredients efficiently at the high temperature and high press.This kind of the process can make the finish foodstuffs featuring the properties of easy-digestion and no germ.
  4. The air-driven conveyor can blow semi-foodstuff to the drying machine smoothly and prevent the semi-foodstuff from sticking together.
  5. The multi-layer dryer promises the finish foodstuff contains the proper moisture and the excellent appearance desired by the shopper.
  6. The flavoring line guarantees consistent distribution of the seasoning ingredients whilst minimizing foodstuff harm due to its smooth rotation.
  7. The cooling unit allows the finish foodstuff suitable to be preserved and labeled.



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Various pet foodstuff resulting from one same production line & reliable extruder production line

Key part of pet food production :

Extrusion cooking process:Extrusion cooking process is targeted on the production of pet foodstuffs with a great deal of value but less cost.Extrusion cooking is more and more becoming the ideal method for popular Petfood.

A broad variety of pet foodstuffs can be produced by extrusion cooking:

  1. Dog and cat foodstuffs,
  2. Directly extrusion cooked and dried out,
  3. Completely or partly dry.

These kinds of pet foodstuffs take up the largest marketplace portion.

Overview of the pet food extruder production line:

Firstly,the pet food extrusion machine equipped with the double screw extruder will get more proportion in the market of pet food,because the technology principle of the double screw extruder is becoming more and more advanced and fully understanding,that make the finish pet foodstuff getting more diversified and easily meeting with requirement of the buyers. This kind of pet food extrusion machine is designed to work 24/7 and being able to produce numerous styles of finish pet foodstuffs in the factors on the shapes,tastes and colors.

Our company is always giving effort to make the pet food extrusion machine being able to produce the excellent performance,delicious and healthy pet foods.Besides,this production line can process the whole grain powder into the pet food,so you could choose the best cereal powder with the less cost as being the raw materials.

The dry ingredients are first given to mixing machine and get vapor-moisturized.The double screw device would blend the water and ingredients to get the ideal status in order to be suitable for the next step.The mixture will be transfer into the food extruder machine and inside the machine the ingredients will be sheared,take in high temperature and lots of stress,finally,reach the ideal amylum gelatinization with no lost of nutrient content. The pellet are finally shaped as soon as they would be pressed out of the food extruder dies.The pet food pellets then run through a drier device and get lowered wetness(typically 7%-9%).Lastly,the pellet will be sprayed with flavorings and get labeled.



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The feature of the pet food extrusion machine:

  1. Precise control system so as to ensure the excellent performance of the pet foodstuff
  2. Adopt the most advanced double screw extrusion technology to make it possible that the production line can work 24/7
  3. Be able to process the numerous kinds of grain powder,nutritious vitamins and minerals in order to easily satisfy the requirement of the buyers
  4. Lessen upkeep cost with having typical pieces for food extruder,drying machine,cooling system device.
  5. We would send our expert to set up the production line locally and you will get the timely update online.


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Extrusion cooking:
Before extrusion cooking, some specific preparing process of the ingredients such as blending and milling should be done. The target is primarily to acquire the below effects:

  • Adjustment of the starch
  • Denaturation of proteins
  • Forming, enlargement, texturing
  • Enhancement of flavor

The necessary heat is mostly added by mean of water vapor during pre-processing. In the food extruder machine, the bulk pre-heated to close to 95 degree is more deeply heated by mechanical energy to ensure that
temperature ranges between 120- 160 C can be acquired.

The copyrighted “Density Manage Program” enables the vapor stress of the sizzling dough bulk to be managed while the bulk is still inside the food extruder machine. This kind of technology allows the mass density to be managed over a broad range with no need of lowering the extrusion-cooking level. The heat released can easily be reused virtually with no any lost during the extrusion process.


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Forming / slicing:

The extruder die shape is important in the extrusion cooking process, as the hot extrudates should be depressurized, formed, and slice. A movable slicing unit enables the extruder die to be managed and the blades to be changed even in the course of extrusion cooking. Considering that a sizable volume of wetness disappeared at this stage, sizzling air flow supplement and a excellent system are desired to prevent the sizzling extrudates from adhering together.At the same time, changing unique die style also makes it possible for manufacturing of multi-colored foodstuff, or the concurrently making of various styles and colors.

Multiple-phase dehydrating:

The sizzling and broiling extrudates quite speedily discharge the full exterior wetness to the hot vapor. As soon as the exterior of the extrudate has been dehydrated, the drying process is influenced by the diffusion speed inside the foodstuffs. A multi-phase dehydrating process contains a heated air flow delivering system and a fluid-base dry system.This system enables very speedy, smooth, and non-deforming dehydrating to the required wetness content even of fluffy and gluey foodstuffs.

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Spraying / Cooling down:

Generally, the dehydrated extrudates are sprayed when hot straight after the drying process. In the course of this phase, it is feasible to add oil, seasonings, attractants, colors materials.. Based on the heat range and the specific exterior area of the foodstuff, as much as 14% fluids can be taken in the spraying drum and the following cooling machine.


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