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Pet Food Extrusion Production Line — HW60-II



Full Automatic Commercial Pet Food Extruder Production Line 587


Overview of pet food extrusion production line:

Foremost,the twin screw extrusion cooking technology definitely continues to be positioned on the first place in the production of dry pet foodstuffs with high quality.

The pet food extrusion production line is designed to run 24/7 and be able to process a wide variety of grain ingredients into the superior finish pet foodstuffs. Clients can create a number of shapes, structures, flavors and colors.Our aim is to provide flexible and scalable manufacturing machines to produce superb quality, tasty and wholesome pet foodstuffs.

Conventional ingredients applied to make pet foodstuffs contain various cereal powder. The dry ingredients are put into the the mixer unit and are steam-moisturized. The co-rotating twin screw extruder machine blends the ingredients and makes sure sufficient blending of steam, moisture and ingredients. The prepared blend will be sent to the twin screw extruder machine. Shearing energy, segment temperature range, pressure, moisture and dwelling times are accurately controlled to obtain best amylum gelatinization with no loss of nutrient . Liquids or steam could very well be injected through plug-ins in the extruder machine at different processing stages.

The styles are eventually formed when the cooking ingredients are pushed out from the extruder die. The semi-foodstuffs will be subsequently carried into a dryer unit, that reduces moisture(generally between 7% and 8%). The foodstuffs will be painted, and seasoned and flavored just before cooling process and being labeled.


pet food 5877

Construction of the pet food extrusion production line:

  1. The mixer unit ensure the various ingredients are blended sufficiently.This operation is very important to make the superior final foodstuffs.
  2. The spiral screw conveyor ensure the grain ingredients can be transported into the extruder evenly with no harm to the materials.
  3. The twin screw extruder delivers, blends, kneads, cooks, forms multi-grain ingredients into consistent foodstuffs by pushing the cooked ingredients through designed die to make customized styles and sizes.It can process the grain ingredients efficiently at the high temperature and high press.This kind of the process can make the finish foodstuffs featuring the properties of easy-digestion and no germ.
  4. The air-driven conveyor can blow semi-foodstuff to the drying machine smoothly and prevent the semi-foodstuff from sticking together.
  5. The multi-layer dryer promises the finish foodstuff contains the proper moisture and the excellent appearance desired by the shopper.
  6. The flavoring line guarantees consistent distribution of the seasoning ingredients whilst minimizing foodstuff harm due to its smooth rotation.
  7. The cooling unit allows the finish foodstuff suitable to be preserved and labeled.


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Characteristic of pet food extrusion production line:

  • Precise controlling of various parameters to ensure the excellent performance of pet foodstuffs: starch gelatinization, extrusion cooking, uniformity and reliable
  • Intelligent management: recipe handle ,procedure controlling ,sensible receptors, and easy maintenance. Advanced processing line mechanization results in lessening manpower costs and promising constant reliable production.
  • Modern designs with the assist of various extruder die to create remarkable foodstuff styles.
  • Support, including operator training,installment guidance and totally free updates for fresh foodstuffs
  • Capacity of 200-300 kg/h



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    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
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