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Reinforced Screw Extruder Machine

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Reinforced Screw Extruder SV75-II


The reinforced twin screw extruder machine is a new type of extruder after long time of efforts by all engineers in our factory. It applied to various materials with totally enclosed type compulsive feeding way. It is PLC touch screen, easy and accurate control.


1.Direct transmission of motor and distribution box reduced energy loss. High quality bearing with higher carrying capacity.
2.Water injection device to adapt to different material and quality requirement.
3.High speed tool steel screw, HRC62, long life span
4.The screw can be combined like toy bricks according to different raw material and product.
5.If one screw brick broken or worn, only need to change the worn part, no need to change the whole bearing.
6.Temperature independent and precise control in each section, automatic water cooling system.
7.Liner bearing adjusting suspension type rotary cutter to make sure quick, safe and accurate adjusting.



Model  Installed Powder(kw) Power consumption(kw) Output Capacity(kg/hour)



54.3 40 100-150



89.7 67.3 200-350



153.3 115 200-450



161.3 121 350-800


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SV70-I twin screw extruder

SV70-I Twin Screw Extruder

SV90-I Reinforced screw extruder (2)

SV90-I Reinforced Screw Extruder-1

Maintain Machine

Extruding MachineWith Water Circulating System

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    What is the cost of fully automatic corn flakes manufacturing machine ? How much it sost while deleviring to Nepal ?


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