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The feature of single screw food extrusion machine

single-screw food extrusion machine

Single screw food extrusion machine practice comparatively simple substance featured by a large rubbing coefficient, for example,corn or grain grits. These kinds of hominy grits could be handled with the single screw food extrusion machine under a press of about 16–18 MPa, and also are essential substance for the manufacturing of primary snack food extrusion pellets or cereal corns. With regard to these kind of products, actually the utilization of the most basic autogenous food extrusion machine is enough; using a minimal rate of screw length and drum breadth.

Sadly, the primary problem of single screw food extrusion machine is weakly combining of the substance.This ought to be carried out before giving. Additionally, single screw food extrusion machine display a restricted performance, particularly when variable-element blends of substance are applied.

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