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The operation standard of single screw food extrusion machine (2)

single-screw food extrusion machine

1. The obstructing of several single screw die-openings leads to an abrupt enhance force and brings up to a strong returning move, or perhaps lockout of the device. When this happens,it is valuable attempting to fresh them instantly using a slim instrument, as well as, if it isn’t going to assistance, then cease the device and take apart the food extrusion die. To delay the dismantling of the single screw food extrusion machine die with a plasticised substance interior can result in long lasting destruction to the machinery for the duration of the following begin-up.
2.The tiniest openings in the food extrusion die, result in a increased resistance in the course of the single screw food extrusion machine of the substance; because tiny holes enhance force and lessen the single screw food extrusion machine yield While the returning move is increased.
3.Through using a plasticizing twist of higher L/D percentage,you’ll be able to engender additional extrusion force on account of a extended totally stuffed screw, that results in an improved plasticizing of the substance and a lower returning move.
4.The reduction of a tiny space between the drum exterior and the food extrusion screw flights effects the action of the substance, lowers rubbing and force and leads to bad wording performance of the single screw food extrusion machine and prevents the move, that indicates bad production or zero production in any way.

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