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Why Choose HIWANT Food Extruder Machine Line

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Customized Equipment:

The demand for customized equipment is generally decided through looking at the industrial availableness of typical food extruder machine appropriate for your own request.For being considered “appropriate”, machine ought to totally support your process and meet up with your demands for throughput, productivity, setting to suit your capability, cleanliness, safe practices, and appropriate raw materials of building. In the event that any kind of these demands aren’t totally satisfied, then customized equipment can increase worth to your projection, and regarding making special productions, it can be the only method for a probable resolution.

You will discover three essential situations that point out the achievement of our customized machine:

  • Copying a hand process which should be achieved with greater quality, enhanced throughput, or larger healthful and security requirements. One example of this specific was our automatic of Europe automobile horn plate product to improve high quality and output, and get rid of repeated movement troubles for the staff.
  • Enhancing a physical process beyond the abilities of usable machine. An illustration is our big cake equipment that replicate the procedure of making household-design, two crusting fruits cakes at three times the throughput of typical machine when retaining all of the worthy cakes features.
  • Building an completely new production line for a new production. They are the projects we truly get exciting about! A lot of cases of successful customized food extruder  machine in this circumstance was the achievement of a piece of equipment that obtained curved, pear-shaped dark chocolate pieces in a number of shelves at abnormal timings, measured and filled them in to plastic-type cups, and dismissed the filled cups in a constant, typical pattern.

Typical Equipment:

“Typical” equipment is machine formerly developed to accomplish a special purpose and with the intention of duplicated product. This sort of machine could be readily available in different designs or supplied with several optional functions, however,the primary functionality is still exactly the same.Sometimes while we’ve noticed a duplicating need amongst the clients or a certain need not getting satisfied completely in the company, we have got designed“typical” equipment with different sizing and function choices. Several illustrations include the high throughput centre feeder for enrobe strains, our doyen cake equipment, and also the apple packer.

Seeing That One Third Part Equipment:

All of us take great pride in ourselves within having the ability to carry out what some other corporations either could not or would not. That usually indicates adding our own equipment to be used together with no matter what machine our customers presently use. Whether or not it is the extra procedure which should be carried out or a production handling demand between a couple of different equipments, we are able to develop machine which definitely works together with just what you currently possess. Several examples include dessert handling and positioning machine for making use of the existent dark chocolate mold production line, increaseing forming functions to the existent pretzel extrusion to produce“braided-type” pieces with higher throughput, and line-following dark chocolate deposit machine to much more correctly and effectively fill up chocolate molds.


We have got a line of business support team which is totally able of dealing with new machine installs and also continuous support for formerly installed food extruder machine. Hiwant Equipment provides anything from replacing pieces to whole equipment rebuilds with mechanised and controller updates for older machine. And our field of operation service is carried out by the same staff which build up and test out each device before which leaves our own facility.Examine our Solutions page to discover a variety of methods we could service you.

HIWANT Food Extruder Machine Line:

We all make it the aim to offer the very best probable solution for unique request of the client. Our technique is frequently quite different from a standard machine along with a production line to sell. Our own experient product sales engineers do the job directly with our own designing engineers to correctly identify your desires and make your projection began on the best base. In addition, due to the fact we produce and set up the whole equipment in-house, we will be able to offer a final production which is personalized, enhanced, and analyzed to satisfy or perhaps go beyond your needs. This means into high quality equipment that reduces the length of the payback upon your investiture and raises your own profit potential.

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