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HIWANT Extrusion Machine

extrusion machine

Extrusion is definitely one of the standard and very useful functions within the bakery and confectionary sectors. We’ve applied it effectively with materials such as bakery doughs, rice, starches, goober butter, and even puppy meals. Through with many years, we’ve designed equipments and machinery systems to complete many different extrution jobs. Several of these kinds include:

  • Total extrusion with developing heads and blades to generate specific formed pieces like pretzels.
  • Extrusion to make continual ropes for different sugary snacks and pretzel productions
  • Customized developing heads and slicing equipment developed to suit the alternative extrusion.
  • Combining extrusion machinery.

While the operation of extruding and the similar machine might seem simple, when it can be applied in the suitable combining with extra co-extrusion and developing products, quite special productions might be produced. Several of the special solutions we have got experience along with include:

  • Co-extrusion machine to combining raw materials like stuffed sweets& stuffed pretzels or sugary snacks.
  • Special developed heads for multi-chain creativities, spirals, and so on. for sweets and baked snack foods.
  • Extrusion to produce continual, smooth blankets or whitening strips of bread, ice food, or sugarcoat

Essentially, extruder is really a extremely important procedure due to its adaptability to get used separately or in combining with some other machines and operations.Actually, when incorporated together with some other operations such as sheets, deposit, fill, fold, crimp, cut, and liquefied or dried top-flight, the prospective for producing innovational products is outstanding. This kind of practice desegregation is exactly where Hiwant Equipments actually shinning. Therefore how could we supply our extrusion practical knowledge and procedure information to your production suggestions? Just get in touch with us to find out.


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