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Design of the twin screw food extrusion machine (4)

twin screw food extrusion machine

In the regular procedure of food extrusion machines, the begin-up and shut-down of product leads to issues. It is a unique work for the user due to the fact it is comparatively simple to stop the devices; endurance and time ought to be consumed since after ending the extruding device should be washed. If the end operation is wrong, everlasting harm to the machinery can happen.
The begin-up process is approximately standard. Following warming up and attaining the ideal heat range, in specific areas of the extruding part, the powerplant is began with its revolutions per minute to 1/4 of the minimal degree and after that remarkably wet substance is given. Eventually, the equipment efficiency is enhanced in depth, carefully observing the output of substance and powerplant work. Soon after a few minutes, the equipment grows to its minimal function variables.

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