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The introduction of the food extrusion process

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The Overview of the food extrusion process:


Food extrusion process is a kind of processing method in the area of the food production.It is a process that the mixing ingredients are forced into numerous sorts of the shapes by the die at the end of the food extruder and the extrudate will be cut into the certain length by the slicing device,before these processes ,the mixing ingredient will be cooked by the food extruder,which consist of the turning screw ,the axis and the drum that covers screws and the axis.

The food extrusion can process a mass of the mixing ingredients into the uniform finish products through the constant and high productive system.The ingredient that processed by the food extruder usually features the characteristic of the high starch component and the finish product generally is the bread ,the breakfast cereal and puffed snack ,pellet snack food,soy product ,textured protein,dry pet food and so on.

For the excellent performance of the food extrusion process,the ingredient will be processed into the powder state and the dry ingredient powder will be mixed sufficient in according with the formula by the mixing machine before the extrusion process.The mixtures may be the melted sugar,plant oil,meat powder ,water and so on.Then the extrudate will be given into the food extruder for the cooking process and the screw will force the ingredient forwards to the die,where the cooking extrudate will be forced into various shapes.

The extrudate generally expands when it get out from the die because the sudden reduction of the press,at the same time ,its texture will be changed because of the abrupt loss of the water and the heat.The extrudate will be sliced into the specific size by the knife blade while it leaves the food extuder. The finish product will be made after the processes of the drying ,cooling down and packaging.


The factors influence the finish products:


The food extrusion machine usually have a high productive because of the high temperature over the short time in the food extrusion process.Simultaneously,the food extruder can make the uniform product with delicious tasty through controlling the factors of the formula of the mixing ingredient,screw size and turning speed,drum temperature,water content,die shapes and the knife blade speed.

Water content percentage is the key factor among them, and influences the sticky of the mixing ingredient and the cooking performance of the extrudate. Enhance the water content percentage can increase the sticky of the mixing ingredient ,the temperature of the extrudate and the density of the pasta.The wetness component of the mixing ingredient for the food extrusion process usually will be kept below 40%.

The salt component,which will have a chemical reaction with the starches in the food extruder,will effect the color and the inter structure of the finish product because the puffing extent of the extudate is related with the salt content percentage of the ingredient.The colors change is a result that the salt content will change the the activity of the extrudate and influence the color of the finish product.This kind of salt is tiny in the formula.If the finish product have the salty flavor that because the finish product has been covered with the salt through the flavoring machine but not the influence of this kind of the salt component.

The kinds of the food extrusion die will influence the finish product .The bronze die,compared to the steel die, will make the finish product having a rougher surface,that give the people the great flavor.So the “BRONZE DIE” will be labelled on the package to show its advantage.


The features of the food extrusion process:


The food extrusion is a process of chemical reactions.So the food extrusion process has these following features:

  • Damage of naturally existing toxins
  • Lessening of microbes in the finish product
  • Simplification of composite starches makes the finish food easy to digest

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    I am interested in corn flakes manufacturing complete line.
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